One of our most versatile lines of machines is our slow speed granulators. Available in 460 or 230 volts, our slow speed granulators are equipped with D2 steel cassette knives, which ensure well-proportioned granules with minimal amounts of dust.
With the tilt back hopper and overall design of each slow speed granulator, cleaning and maintenance is a snap, including blade removal. Designed for grinding sprues, runners and rejected parts, slow speed granulators from SPEAR can be used with robot feed, conveyor feed or hand feed operations.
Our machines can handle high shear and heavy volume for use in injection molding, extrusion and thermoforming, remaining operator-friendly at all times. We keep the safety of our customers in mind at all times, and aim to provide machines that provide 100% satisfaction in all areas. The performance of these slow speed granulators simply cannot be matched throughout the plastic processing industries.