Powder Conveying System

The medium-speed beside-the-press granulators of SG-21 series are used together with plastics molding machine.It is designed to crushing various shorts,reuse and semi-finished products made of plastic and rubber materials such as softPC,polycarbonate,nylon,ABS and so on in sheet,twig or mesh shapes.
The machine is characterized with compact structure,attractive appearance,convenient in operation,optimized rotation knife design to achieve lowest energy consumption and higher cutting efficiency.
The characteristics of the machine:

(1)Integral body, sturdy and durable, keep excellent performance even after long-term crushing
(2)Heavy loading bearing and dust protection device, the noise-proof board can prevent vibration and noise effectively
(3)The overloading protector on the motor and interlock protection device on the power source, double protection for the safety of human being and motor
(4)Paddle-blades rotor adopting shear principle, made of high contented chromium steel,shred various plastics easily
(5)The gap between knives is adjustable. The knives can be dismounted when unsharp, to be used repeatedly, long time using life
(6)Separable design,the bunker, main body, mesh frame are dismounted easily, convenient for bunker cleaning
(7)With wheeled feet,convenient for moving
Compressed air purge in vacuum fillter to eliminate impurities and boost conveyance. Modules are quickly assembled using a hand clamping operation.
Titanium Dioxide, Pigment, Toner, Calicum Carbonate, Caron Black, Silica Sand, Cement, Phenolic Moding Compound, Epoxy Resin, Phenolic Resin, Zeolite, Glass Fiber Resin, Soda Ash Clay, Flyash, Limestone, Starch, Talc, Flour, Melamine Resin, etc.