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Technical Advantages

Insulated Side Walls

Maintain temperature at desired level, prevent heat loss and protect workers from hot surface

Mass material flow

Smooth furface and 60 cone angle ensure that each pellet is exposed to heated dtying air for the specified drying time.

Even Air / Heat Distribution

The Center reverse Air pipe ensure no material over burning. Forced Dry Air reached to the bottom

Heat Loss through

Uninsulated side walls

Center “Funnel” flow

nduced by less than 60 cone angle allows center material to enter the process faster

Perforates Metal

inhibits mass material flow and can be diffcult to clean. problem with re grind.

Optimal and constant production conditions are essential for high product quality and efficient production. Spear's range of EHD hot air dryers are the most effective way of conditioning slightly hygroscopic plastic granules for processing and removing surface moisture. With pre-heated material the important production parameters are under control. Spear's fully insulated hot air dryers cover a performance range from 7 to 3000 kg/h. The dryers can be mounted directly on the throat of the processing machine or on a support frame beside the machine. All models have a micro-processor controlled temperature regulator and are equipped with a safety thermostat to prevent overheating of materials. The use of corrosion resistant materials ensures a long lifetime and avoids contamination of the plastic granules.